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Reach High Design specializes in product & web design development innovation consulting. This website reports on an eclectic collection of these projects, all driven by relentless pursuit of excellence.  The underlying theme of each of our published projects is to seek out the best of the best, make it better, and make it accessible to other pursuers of excellence.

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For the last three years we at Reach High Design have successfully completed one exciting Development & Innovation project after another. These projects fall in a wide range of disciplines. You name it. If it is excellent, we like it! We bring a complete package of valuable skills to the table, including expertise in outdoor sports and military operations, design graphics engineering technology, the scientific process, photography, web design, technical writing, and search engine optimization. If you have an excellent product, don't pass us by! We are confident we can help enhance and make your product accessible. Please contact us and let us contribute to your success.


Walther P99 Walther P99 Review

This project centered around Walther's P99 pistol. We modeled the complete disassembly in Solid Works and created graphics and videos for each part as well as animated instructions for fieldstripping the weapon. We also conducted a series of tests, firing over 1000 rounds to compare the performance of the Walther P99 with the Beretta 92F. To check out this visual content and read our report on this testing, check out our Walther P99 Review.

Kenwood DNX9960 Kenwood DNX9960 Review

Our primary project at the moment is development and innovation of accessories for the Toyota Tacoma. We have just completed an upgrading of the head unit to a Kenwood DNX9960. Our Kenwood DNX9960 Review includes complete graphic instructions for this installation including: a bypass for this head unit's brake sensor safety feature, the PAC SWIJACK steering wheel remote kit, and the KCA-iP301V iPod/iPhone kit. It also includes a series of articles on methods for enhancing customization of the DNX9960's user interface.

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